TRACOE Aeris Balloon Dilation Catheter

REF 725 TRACOE high pressure inflation device

REF 820 TRACOE aeris® Baloon Dilation Catheter

Narrowing of the airway, the trachea or the larynx is called laryngotracheal stenosis. This may cause stridor, retractions or shortness of breath on exertion. Shortness of breath at rest implies a more severe narrowing of the airway.

Typically a short, soft, young stenosis has a good chance of being treated endoscopically. This type of stenosis may be removed by balloon dilation as it is more gentle for the patient.

The minimal invasive balloon dilation of stenosis using the TRACOE aeris® balloon catheter offers an efficient, atraumatic method of treatment.

1. Under bronchoscopy surveillance the dilation catheter is introduced and placed exactly at the stenosis.

2. The physcian fills the baloon of the catheter with sterile water. This will radially expand the baloon and dilate the stricture in a controlled manner.

3. The innovative non-slip design of the balloon provides safe, secure placement reducing the risk of slippage.

4. Applying the optimal size leads to a continual extrusion of the stenosis.