Cadaver Supply and Courses

As Novus Health Products, our approach to providing you with effective service in cadaver supply; We built on quality, reliability and quick access. All our sample donors to the Republic of Turkey and the US Federal Laws and Laws, grants accordance with the principles, ethics and respect for donors.

The supply of human cadaver options are all through voluntary donors who have turned 18. In this context, our donor bank is the largest donor bank in the world, benefiting from 145,000 nodes. as Novus Health Products, Sole Authorized Distributor in Turkey of our donor Exclusive Distributors as we are proud to serve.

  • Fresh Frozen Cadaver
  • Embalmed Cadaver
  • Pathological Cadaver
  • Real Human Bones and Skeleton
  • Training Simulations
  • Course Organization and Planning

Why Is It Beneficial To Improve The Knowledge Of The Anatomy By Practicing In The Human Body?

We know that learning the human anatomy and the use of human tissue with work on real cadaver is more beneficial than with simulations, books or models.

We offer the service to Turkish medical community by ensuring that the donor is brought to our country under conditions that are appropriate to respect and ethical rules. You can see some examples we have provided for this purpose in the list below.

  • Fresh Frozen Cadaver
  • Embalmed Cadaver
  • Pathological Cadaver
  • Real Human Bones and Skeleton
  • Whole Body
  • Cephalus
  • Torso

Donor Reliability

  • All donor samples are accredited by the Resource Donor Bank American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).
  • All donor samples were screened for HIV1, HBV, HCV by Nucleic Acid (NAT) test.
  • All donor samples were screened for HIV1-2, Hepatitis B surface antigen, Hepatitis C virus antibody serologically.
  • All serological tests were performed in CLIA approved laboratories.

Course Organization

We glad to can help to you that to practice on living tissue and to benefit your scientific projects and educational activities.

The cadavers that you want to work on your scientific studies and projects are provided by us as The Exclusive Distributor with appropriate conditions and ethical rules. We are looking forward to cooperate with you for your coming studies and projects.

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