Cadaver Supply and Courses

As Novus Health Products, our approach to providing you with effective service in cadaver supply; We built on quality, reliability and quick access. All our sample donors to the Republic of Turkey and the US Federal Laws and Laws, grants accordance with the principles, ethics and respect for donors.

The supply of human cadaver options are all through voluntary donors who have turned 18. In this context, our donor bank is the largest donor bank in the world, benefiting from 145,000 nodes. as Novus Health Products, Sole Authorized Distributor in Turkey and in its region of our donor Exclusive Distributors as we are proud to serve.

  • Fresh Frozen Cadaver
  • Embalmed Cadaver
  • Pathological Cadaver
  • Real Human Bones and Skeleton
  • Training Simulations
  • Course Organization and Planning

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